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Title Author Year Publisher
Aislin 1982 McClelland & Stewart
Appel, Robert 1982 Doubleday Canada
Auxier, Jane 1982 International Self-Counsel Press
Bailey, George 1983 The Information Company
Bailey, George 1984 The Information Company
Barrett, Jane R., and Jane Beautmont, comps 1982 Canadian Institute of International Affairs
Bedal, Carl L. 1982 Guidance Centre, Faculty of Education, University of Toronto
Bejermi, John 1982 Borealis Press
Bell, James B.m and Edward P.J. Corbett 1982 John Wiley & Sons Canada
Black, Derek 1984 Methuen Publications
Blicq, Ron S. 1982 Prentice-Hall Canada
Byers, R.B., John Hamre, and G.R. Lindsey 1985 Canadian Institute of International Affairs
Caroe, Laurence C. 1984 International Self-Counsel Press
Clarke, Sandra 1982 National Museums of Canada
Coghlan, Sam, and Stephen Cummings 1985 Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Culture
Couchiching Conference 1985 CBC Enterprises
Dunckel, Jacqueline, and Elizabeth Parnham 1984 International Self-Counsel Press
Edmonston, Phil 1985 Stoddart
Etue, Elizabeth 1985 Summerhill Press
Faludy, George 1985 Totem Press
Farrell, Barbara, and Aileen Desbarato 1984 Association of Canadian Map Libraries
Filey, Mike 1982 Brownstone Press
Finlay, Tom 1982 Venture Press
Forsey, Eugene 1982 University of Toronto Press
Fremes, Marvin 1982 Deneau