North-West River (Sheshatshit) Montagnais: A Grammatical Sketch


185 pages
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Reviewed by Toby Rupert

Toby Rupert was a librarian living in Toronto.


From the abstract to this work we learn that it “outlines the grammatical categories and inflections, both nominal and verbal, of the Montagnais dialect of North-West River in Labrador.” The phonological system of the dialect is looked at, as well as some common derivational forms of nouns and verbs (although the derivational aspects of Montagnais morphology are generally not covered). At the end there is a short survey of the chief sentence types of the language. Highly useful for linguistic scholars, particularly those interested in North American native peoples.


Clarke, Sandra, “North-West River (Sheshatshit) Montagnais: A Grammatical Sketch,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed June 23, 2024,