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Title Author Year Publisher
Fisher, Pete 2011 Dundurn Press
Campey, Lucille H 2010 Dundurn Press
Cassar, George H 2010 Dundurn Press
Woodman, Marion 1982 Inner City Books
Te Paske, Bradley A. 1982 Inner City Books
1982 Detselig Enterprises
Schwartz-Salant, Nathan 1982 Inner City Books
Greenglass, Esther R. 1982 John Wiley & Sons Canada
1982 Methuen Publications
Brandt, Lewis Wolfgang 1982 University of Toronto Press
Altemeyer, Bob 1981 University of Manitoba Press
1982 Guidance Centre, Faculty of Education, University of Toronto
1982 OISE Press
1982 OISE Press
Stamp, Robert M. 1982 University of Toronto Press
Roberts, Hayden 1982 The University of Alberta Press
Porter, John, Marion Porter, and Bernard R. Blishon 1982 Methuen Publications
Noyes, Joan, and Norma Mcneill 1982 Macmillan of Canada
Mifflen, Frank J., and Syndey C. Mifflen 1982 Detselig Enterprises
McElligott, Thomas J. 1982 Brownstone Press
1928 Educational Research Institute of British Columbia
Kalman, Bobbie 1982 Crabtree Publishing
Hammerly, Hector 1982 Second Language Publications
Fullan, Michael 1982 Institute for Studies in Education/OISE Press
Fairfield, Lesley 1982 Kids Can Press