Canadian Parliamentary Handbook


517 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-88887-921-0






Reviewed by Toby Rupert

Toby Rupert was a librarian living in Toronto.


This is a collection of facts and figures about the Governor-General, the Privy Council, the Senate and its members, the House of Commons and its members, and the Library of Parliament. For each member is given a description of the constituency, the latest election results, a picture of the member, basic biographic data (birth date, education, services to the government, profession, marital status and special interests, committees served on), various addresses for home, office, and constituency, and valuable telephone numbers for quick contact. All of this is in two parallel columns of English and French, which to my mind is needless duplication since most of the data (such as the numbers and dates) is the same in each language.

Material has been sourced from the 1980 edition of The Organization of the Government of Canada, the 1981 Government of Canada Telephone Directory, the Canada Gazette, and the Official Report of the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada. Each of these publications is accessible and may prove sufficient if libraries are looking for a specific piece of information, such as a phone number or an election return. Otherwise, the book might prove valuable in conjunction with the Canadian Parliamentary Guide.


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