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Title Author Year Publisher
Zimmer, Henry B., and V. Jeanne Kaufman 1982 Collins
Windsor-Maxwell, Rhonda 1982 BestSellers
Vendor, A. 1982 Hurtig
Snyder, J. Christopher, and Brian E. Anderson 1982 Methuen Publications
Snyder, Chris 1982 Macmillan of Canada
Mitchell, Harris 1982 BestSellers
Mitchell, Harris 1982 Personal Library
McDougall, Gale 1982 John Wiley & Sons Canada
Hutner, Hart 1982 Vesta Publications
Downe, Robert P. 1982 International Self-Counsel Press
Carson, Alan, and Robert Dunlop 1982 General Publishing
Brown, J.L., and Jerry Ackerman 1982 Macmillan of Canada
Appel, Robert 1982 Doubleday Canada
Wilks, Brian B. 1982 Canadian Library Association
1982 The Institute for Research on Public Policy
Stainton, Elsie Myers 1982 University of Toronto Press
Rutherford, Paul 1982 University of Toronto Press
Beckton, Clare F. 1982 Carswell
Robertson, Stuart M. 1982 International Self-Counsel Press
1982 Association of Media and Technology in Education in Canada
Olden, Edward Anthony 1982 School of Library Service, Dalhousie University
1982 Deneau
1982 The Institute for Research on Public Policy
1982 Canadian Government Publishing Centre, Supply and Services Canada
Harrison, Brian R. 1982 Department of Communications