Images of Women: Report of the Task Force on Sex-Role Stereotyping in the Broadcast Media


189 pages
Contains Bibliography
ISBN 0-660-90921-9




Reviewed by M.M. Glenn

M.M. Glenn was a freelance librarian residing in Oakville, Ontario.


The Department of Communications requested the CRTC to implement a Task Force to provide guidelines for a more realistic portrayal of women in programming and commercials in the media.

The 19 people who constituted the Task Force possessed diverse backgrounds and thus provided a spectrum of knowledge to draw from and formulate recommendations. Some of these proposed regulations were accomplished even before the document was printed, as a result of self-regulation (by request) by broadcasters and advertisers.

One section deals with public concern, both pro and con, regarding the commissioning of the Task Force; this is followed by a summary of concerns compiled and discussed by the members as a result of the examination of the literature, written briefs, and meetings with the public. The following chapter outlines the existing government and industry self-regulations. The broadcasting and advertising industries indicated concerns, and the responses made by the Task Force were outlined. The final section presents the achievements and recommendations as proposed by the members of the Task Force. Procedures for programming and advertising complaints, and for redress mechanisms, are provided in the appendix.

A comprehensive bibliography of books, reports, and articles on the subject of the image of women has been compiled and included by the Task Force.


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