Reshaping Your Investment Strategies for the 1980s


245 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-00-217023-X





Reviewed by Ross Willmot

Ross Willmot is Executive Director of the Ontario Association for
Continuing Education.


These Calgary co-authors draw from good practical experience (Henry Zimmer’s Tax and Investment Guide is already recognized by Canadian investors). Both chartered accountants, they have lectured on taxation at universities throughout Canada, while Mr. Zimmer reaches professionals, business people, and executives through his firm, Cantax Seminars. His column, “Your Taxes,” was featured in the Montreal Gazette before he moved west.

Their book says that to survive the turbulent decade of the ‘80s we will have to invest — or lose ground financially. Canada’s investment climate and economy may change rapidly and dramatically so our new strategies must be short-term, flexible, and well-timed.

The reader is given help in finding the particular investment approach that best suits his individual circumstances and the prevailing investment climate. The book includes suggestions that are as important and useful for the small investor as they are for the wealthy investor. Investors are challenged to develop an investment portfolio that meets their requirements and over which they maintain control without sacrificing either precious time or sleep.

Explored are such wide-ranging investment alternatives as real estate, the stock market, gold and silver, commodities and options, collectibles, and interest-bearing investments, including RRSP’s. New ways are described to approach old, familiar investments (such as one’s own mortgage) as well as ways to minimize the risks of more adventurous investments.

For such approaches, the effect of the Canadian income tax system on profit or loss is made clear. There are even discussions how to move assets to more favorable countries.


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