Be a Better Grocery Shopper


206 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-86507-014-8





Reviewed by Ingrid vonHausen

Ingrid conHausen was a librarian in New Hamburg, Ontario.


Windsor-Maxwell, author of Supershopping and You and of regular newspaper columns, also operates the Coupon Exchange Co. of Canada. In this book she expands well beyond supershopping into the fields of nutrition and home management. She offers helpful advice to all types of families — singles, couples, single-parent families, families with teenagers, and seniors. Nutrition and managing time and money efficiently are always in the forefront. She devotes a chapter or two to couponing successfully. There is a chapter of recipes (which unfortunately was incomplete in this reviewer’s copy, which was missing a signature). The book is extremely well organized, with subheadings, lists, and summaries in each chapter. The illustrations are not of the best, being black and white and lacking in sharpness. Appended is a metric conversion chart, a short bibliography, and a list of manufacturers’ addresses. The advice the author offers is extremely sound, well and enthusiastically expressed. It is based on experience, commonsense, and sound nutritional principles. Much of the information will not be new to experienced home managers, but the inexperienced will find it very useful. The information on couponing is particularly complete.


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