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Title Author Year Publisher
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Horibe, Kathlyn. 2006 Altitude Publishing Canada
Lazarus, Eve. 2007 Anvil Press
Martin, James. 2001 Arsenal Pulp Press
Rooke, Charlene. 2001 Arsenal Pulp Press
Snyders, Tom, with Jennifer O'Rourke. 2001 Arsenal Pulp Press
Francis, Daniel. 2004 Arsenal Pulp Press
Cran, Brad, and Gillian Jerome. 2008 Arsenal Pulp Press
Dubinsky, Karen. 1999 Between the Lines
Angus, Charlie, and Brit Griffin. 1996 Between the Lines
Angus, Charlie. 2001 Between the Lines
Farmiloe, Dorothy. 1994 Black Moss Press
Grant, Paul, and Laurie Dickson. 2003 Bluefield Books
Brown, Ron. 2007 Boston Mills Press
Curnoe, Gregory Richard. 1995 Brick Books
Koch, W. John. 1997 Brightest Pebble Publishing
Pieroway, Phyllis. 1996 Broken Jaw Press
Wetmore, David. 2004 Canadian Museum of Civilization
Rusted, Joan. 1995 Creative Book Publishing
Fitzgerald, Jack. 1997 Creative Book Publishing
Parsons, Robert C. 1997 Creative Book Publishing
Fitzgerald, Jack. 2001 Creative Book Publishing
Leslie, Jean. 1994 Detselig Enterprises