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Title Author Year Publisher
Stephenson, Anne. 1990 General Publishing
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Williams, Jerry. 1990 Macmillan Canada
Boyd, David. 1990 Rubicon Publishing
Côté, Denis. 1990 Black Moss Press
Lohans, Alison. 1990 Scholastic-TAB
Heneghan, James. 1991 Scholastic Canada
Stephenson, Anne. 1991 General Publishing
Weir, Joan. 1991 General Publishing
Weir, Joan. 1991 General Publishing
Weis, Lyle. 1991 General Publishing
Yost, Elwy. 1991 Scholastic Canada
Bailey, Linda. 1992 Kids Can Press
Bayle, B.J. 1992 Riverwood Publishers
Brown, Susan, and Anne Stephenson. 1992 Scholastic Canada
Doyle, Brian. 1992 Groundwood Books
Mayer, Jeni. 1992 Thistledown Press
McClintock, Norah. 1992 Scholastic Canada
Waterton, Betty. 1992 Groundwood Books
Gilmour, Nancy. 1995 Highway Book Shop
Peterson, Shelley. 1996 The Porcupine's Quill
Brouillet, Chrystine. 1996 Ragweed Press
Hammond, Elaine Breault. 1996 Ragweed Press
McClintock, Norah. 1997 Scholastic Canada
Weir, Joan. 1999 Polestar Book Publishers