No Orchids for Andrea!


88 pages
ISBN 0-921556-62-4
DDC jC843'.54





Illustrations by Nathalie Gagnon
Translated by Linda Gaboriau
Reviewed by E. Jane Philipps

E. Jane Philipps is head of the Biology Library at Queen’s University
in Kingston.


This exciting mystery, originally published in 1994 as Pas
d’orchidées pour Mlle Andrea, features the popular duo Andrea and
Arthur in another highly readable adventure. In this outing, the
high-spirited Andrea and her lower-key sidekick enter a world of
intrigue and exotic flowers, exposing an unscrupulous scientist who
stops at nothing in his quest to develop a black orchid. The fast-paced
and suspenseful plot is replete with danger and unexpected twists and
turns. Linda Gaboriau’s translation successfully captures the spirit
of the original in an entertaining text that skilfully combines
believable characters and settings with situations the average reader is
not likely to encounter. Recommended.


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