Quincy Rumpel and the Woolly Chaps


107 pages
ISBN 0-88899-160-6
DDC jC813'.54





Reviewed by Jean Free

Jean Free, a library consultant, is a retired public-school teacher and
librarian in Whitby, Ontario.


Entrepreneurial Quincy Rumpel, who is “almost a teenager,” longs to
have a horse—any horse—and a pair of woolly chaps. When she moves
with her family to Cranberry Corners to help run her grandparents’
farm, she earns enough money babysitting to buy a decrepit buckskin
range pony.

This is the sixth novel in Betty Waterton’s charming series for
junior-grade students. Her stories are filled with breezy dialogue,
bright humor, wry touches, and unusual characterizations. Quincy becomes
entangled in complicated and amusing situations as she solves the puzzle
of who stole Dr. McAddams’s 93 baby horse teeth, builds a dogcart for
the local fair, and sculpts a dinosaur-shaped birthday cake.

Another delightful story, perfect for recreational reading, from a
well-known, popular author.


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