Ski Lodge Mystery


160 pages
ISBN 0-7736-7325-3
DDC jC813'.54






Reviewed by Lynn Manuel

Lynn Manuel, the author of Return to Cranberry Farm, writes mystery
novels for young adults.


When Mike Adair and Tony Rossi manage to meet the principal’s
membership requirements, their dream of an afterschool Mystery Club
becomes a reality. The book consists of a collection of individual
mysteries told by the club’s young members. Each chapter ends by
challenging the reader to solve the mystery, and answers are provided at
the back of the book. The stories are interconnected by the ongoing
problem of keeping the club alive.

Characterization is sketchy, since the children’s lives are described
only within the boundaries of the school. For this reason it is
difficult to relate to them on anything but a superficial level. The
mysteries are written to teach as well as to entertain, and the
solutions offer a wide range of information. The facts presented are at
an appropriate level for grades 3 to 5—well written, clear, and short.
Each chapter being complete in itself may not provide the necessary hook
to keep the more reluctant reader interested, but young mystery buffs
will enjoy the book despite its lack of illustrations.


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