Mystery at Lighthouse Rock and Other Stories


149 pages
ISBN 0-7736-7322-9
DDC jC813'.54






Reviewed by Lynn Manuel

Lynn Manuel, the author of Return to Cranberry Farm, writes mystery
novels for young adults.


This is the third in Joan Weir’s series of mystery compilations
wherein the reader is invited to match wits with the members of Canville
Elementary School’s Mystery Club. Solutions, provided at the back of
the book, are informative and the mysteries interesting and varied, with
characters and situations running the gamut from secret agents and robot
scientists to weekend campouts and farm animals.

There are no profound concepts and the characters are given purely
superficial attention; however, the book accurately serves its intended
purpose of being entertaining and informative. Each mystery stands
alone, a quick and easy read, the brevity holding the attention of the
more reluctant reader, while the story line, threaded throughout, though
slim, should prove an encouragement to keep reading. The excitement of
the club atmosphere, the challenge to solve the mysteries, and the
overall light-hearted tone will appeal to readers from grades 4 to 6.
They will also be the first ones to notice the mistake on the back
cover—a question that does not match up to any of the stories.


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