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Title Author Year Publisher
Sakura, JoAnne, Nancy Plaatjes, and Kathleen Gordon 1982 Nutrition Information Service, Ryerson Polytechnical Institute
Reed, Donn 1982 Brook Farm Books
1982 Canadian Library Association
1982 Dundurn Press
1982 Dundurn Press
Pollard, Douglas C. 1982 Highway Book Shop
1982 CM Books
1982 CanExpo Publishers
1982 Micromedia
1982 National Library of Canada
1982 Canadian Education Association
1982 Ampersand Publishing Services
Stewart, Darryl 1984 General Publishing
Ross, Lester A. 1983 National Historic Parks and Sites Branch, Parks Canada, Environment Canada
Pantel, Gerda 1984 Fitzhenry & Whiteside
1984 CM Books
Kates, Joanne 1984 Methuen Publications
Hacker, Carlotta 1983 Hurtig
1984 Addiction Research Foundation
Crawford, Pleasance, and Sue Donaldson 1984 Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary
1984 Copp Clark Pitman
Statistics Canada 1985 Statistics Canada
1985 Micromedia
Mattison, David 1985 Camera Workers Press
1985 Micromedia