Directory of Alcohol and Drug Treatment Resources in Ontario, 1984


434 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 0-88868-087-2




Edited by Catherine Blake
Reviewed by Toby Rupert

Toby Rupert was a librarian living in Toronto.


This is an excellent source for information about alcohol and drug treatment in the province of Ontario. It is an update of a province-wide survey, and it includes 29 new agencies. There are two main categories of listings: addiction-specific resources and organizations (where 50 percent or more of the caseload deals with alcohol or other drug-related problems) and general resources (where only 10 to 20 percent of the caseload is involved). The entries have been prepared by the agencies themselves, then edited and re-circulated for confirmation. The basic arrangement is by region, with one page for each resource centre: name, address, director, description, abused substance (e.g., alcohol, marijuana, solvent and gas sniffing), intake policies, waiting periods, services, costs, phone numbers, emergency services, and other facts. The indexes identify programs by treatment type and client type.


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