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Carpenter, David 1984 Western Producer Prairie Books
Cameron, Silver Donald 1984 Seal Books
Boden, Clive, and Angus Chater 1984 Thomas Allen & Son
Wylie, Betty Jane 1984 Oxford University Press
1984 Best of Bridge Publishing
Wine, Cynthia 1984 Penguin Books Canada
Wilson, Kasey 1984 Douglas & McIntyre
1984 Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada, Daughters of Ukraine Branch
Stern, Bonnie 1984 Totem Books
Schreiner, John 1984 Douglas & McIntyre
Salloum, Mary 1983 A Taste of Lebanon Enterprises
Rochfort, D'Oyly 1983 Polestar Book Publishers
Powers, Jo Marie, and Anita Stewart 1984 Stoddart
Nowell, Iris 1984 Hurtig
Neff, Bernice 1984 Hancock House
Mabbutt, Bill, and Anita Mabbutt 1983 Douglas & McIntyre
Logsdail, Barbara 1984 Centax of Canada
Juss, Ruby Schile 1983 Juss Microwaving Publishing
1984 Camden House Publishing
1983 Camden House Publishing
Harris, Catherine 1984 Macmillan of Canada
Gould, Allan 1984 CBC Enterprises
Fine, Diane, and Ria Teale 1983 New Canada Publications
Ferrier, Shannon, and Tamara Shuttleworth 1984 James Lorimer & Co.
1984 Ontario Grape Growers' Action Committee