Bonnie Stern's Cuisinart Cookbook


192 pages
Contains Illustrations, Index
ISBN 0-00-217273-9






Reviewed by Ann Turner

Ann Turner is Financial and Budget Manager at the University of British
Columbia Library.


Bonnie Stern has done it again! Those who have delighted in (and grown fat on) her Food Processor Cuisine (Methuen, 1978) will welcome with open arms this new collection of over 140 recipes for their favourite kitchen appliance. A noted teacher and writer on cooking in Canada, Bonnie Stern was among the first to recognize and promote the food processor’s capabilities for household use. Its versatility is apparent in the range of recipes presented here. From delicate mousses and terrines to hearty main courses, the food processor chops, grinds, slices, and whips its way effortlessly through a daunting array of kitchen tasks. Tips on using the machine effectively are included. The recipes are very clearly presented, with the ingredient list printed in red boldface for easy consultation at a distance. Both metric and imperial measures are given. The method steps are described concisely and are numbered for convenience. Yields are given for all recipes; most serve six to eight. Mouth-watering full-colour illustrations provide elegant serving suggestions for a dozen attractive dishes from appetizers to desserts. The index is very thorough, giving access by title, principal ingredients, and recipe type. A lie-flat binding would have made this otherwise excellent book easier to use in the kitchen. And undoubtedly it will be used anyway — the recipes are irresistible!


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