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Title Author Year Publisher
1982 Highway Book Shop
Beastall, Jack, and Hilda Beastall 1982 Sono Nis Press
1982 Wedge
Mason, Ruth 1982 Hounslow Press
1982 Manitoba School Library Audio Visual Association
Harris, Lorraine 1984 Hancock House
Harris, Lorraine 1984 Hancock House
Wylie, Betty Jane 1984 Oxford University Press
Stern, Bonnie 1984 Totem Books
Harris, Catherine 1984 Macmillan of Canada
Baird, Elizabeth 1984 James Lorimer & Co.
Statistics Canada 1983 Minister of Supply and Services Canada
McClement, Donna 1985 McClelland & Stewart
Chang, Ginger 1985 Hancock House
1985 Canadian Musical Heritage Society
Neel, Boyd 1985 University of Toronto Press
Wershler, Terri 1985 Douglas & McIntyre
McDaniel, Neil, and David W. Griffiths 1985 Panorama Publications
Adams, Norman 1985 Methuen Publications
1986 Centax of Canada
Overbury, Stephen 1986 Methuen Publications
Jennings, Marilyn 1986 MCV Publishing
Restino, Susan 1987 Key Porter Books
Hill, Cecil 1987 Detselig Enterprises
Twigg, Alan 1986 Harbour Publishing