Winners: More Recipes from the Best of Bridge; Third Effort, First Time 'Round


208 pages
Contains Illustrations, Index
ISBN 0-9690425-2-3




Reviewed by M.M. Glenn

M.M. Glenn was a freelance librarian residing in Oakville, Ontario.


The group of seven bridge-players once again have published a new gourmet cookbook under the imprint of their own publishing company, The Best of Bridge. They have continued the format used in their first two publications, The Best of Bridge and Enjoy. they have employed notes at the bottom of some of the pages (which are ring-coiled), and the hand-printed recipes are written in an informal, colloquial style. There are excellent colored photographs that not only tempt the amateur chefs to try the recipes but also provide the visual end-results.

In the introduction, the authors explain the reason for their third production. Single parents, including fathers, “can’t live on TV dinners alone — the children won’t allow it!” Because of time pressures and the pocket book, society is by-passing the fast food restaurants and returning to meals at home with friends and family — Winners provides “simple recipes with gourmet results.”

The index is an expansion of the table of contents; an alphabetical list within the subdivisions.

On the inside of the back cover the authors have provided the Metric Cope Chart; after discovering that their children couldn’t read the recipes in their first two books, they decided to make a duplicate of each recipe to insure the accuracy of the results.

These easy-to-use recipes would be a welcome addition to any collection of cookbooks.


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