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Title Author Year Publisher
Anglin, Lise 1985 Addiction Research Foundation
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1985 Addiction Research Foundation
Bemko, Jane 1984 Addiction Research Foundation
1984 Addiction Research Foundation
Albala, Leila 1987 Alpel Publishing
Bierwagen, Ottmar 1986 Altitude Publishing Canada
1982 Ampersand Publishing Services
Evans, Karen, comp 1985 Anglican Book Centre
Farrell, Barbara, and Aileen Desbarato 1984 Association of Canadian Map Libraries
1982 Association of Media and Technology in Education in Canada
Goulet, Theresa 1982 Atgood
1982 Atkinson College, York University
Hancock, Lyn 1986 Autumn Images
Angelicchio, Domenico 1984 Benvenuto Books
Mitchell, Harris 1982 BestSellers
Windsor-Maxwell, Rhonda 1982 BestSellers
Raboy, Marc 1984 Between the Lines
Bejermi, John 1982 Borealis Press
Kobayashi, Terry, and Michael Bird 1985 Boston Mills Press
Reed, Donn 1982 Brook Farm Books
Mattison, David 1985 Camera Workers Press
Campbell, Betty 1982 Campbell's Publishing
Bruser, Robert S., and Brian MacLeod Rogers 1985 Canadian Bar Foundation