Northwest Territories: Canada's Last Frontier


32 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-9692380-0-2






Reviewed by Frank McGee

Frank McGee was a Toronto-based freelance writer.


Called a full color view book, Northwest Territories; Canada’s Last Frontier is a glossy picture book filled with photographs resembling post cards. It was designed as a souvenir for the traveller to the Northwest Territories.

There are lots of smiling Inuit in kayaks or parkas, snowy owls, caribou, and icebergs. Although these pictures would be delightful for children the text seems to have been an after-thought. It is flat and uninspired. One colorful local is described as the Northwest Territories’ most photographed taxi driver because of the numerous taxi buttons, pins, and hats he wears on the job. But the book contains not a single snapshot of this local media celebrity, just more icebergs.

This book serves the purpose it set out to serve.


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