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Title Author Year Publisher
Hope, Jane, and Elizabeth Bright-See 1982 McGraw-Hill Ryerson
Duckworth, Helen 1983 Hounslow Press
Clement, Diane 1984 Sunflower Publications
MacDonald, Helen Bishop 1985 Austin Books
Hullah, Evelyn 1984 Cardinal Kitchens
Dams, Caralan, and Susan VanderVelde 1985 Centax of Canada
Harvey, Lee, and Helen Chambers 1986 H.C. Publishing
Maplesden, Dr. 1986 Ronald P. Frye & Co.
Thomson, Eleanor 1987 Butternut Press
Fraser, Margaret, and Helen Bishop MacDonald 1987 Grosvenor House Press in co-operation with the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
1998 McGill-Queen's University Press
Shulman, Joey. 2003 John Wiley & Sons Canada
Weinthal, Susie. 2003 Key Porter Books
Paré, Jean. 2003 Company's Coming Publishing
Paré, Jean. 2003 Company's Coming Publishing
Beck, Leslie. 2005 Penguin Books Canada
Ostry, Aleck Samuel. 2006 UBC Press
2005 Robert Rose Inc.
McCrindle, Brian W., and James G. Wengle. 2005 Robert Rose Inc.
Reisman, Rose. 2005 Whitecap Books
Bager, Jodi, and Jenny Lass. 2005 Whitecap Books
Bartley, Colleen. 2005 Robert Rose Inc.
2003 Random House of Canada
Hoffer, Miriam. 2003 Sumach Press
Paré, Jean. 2005 Company's Coming Publishing