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Title Author Year Publisher
1982 Methuen Publications
Ross, Anne 1982 Personal Library
Peacock, Donald 1982 Douglas & McIntyre
Young-Eisendrath, Polly 1984 Inner City Books
Schlesinger, Benjamin, and Shirley Tenhouse 1984 Guidance Centre, Faculty of Education, University of Toronto
Sanchez-Craig, Martha 1984 Addiction Research Foundation
Schneiderman, Gerald 1985 NC Press
Buchanan, Karin M. 1984 Weigl Educational Publishers
Sellner, Judith, and James G. Sellner 1986 International Self-Counsel Press
Legget, Robert 1986 University of Toronto Press
Levine, Saul 1987 Prentice-Hall Canada
Fraser, Sylvia 1987 Doubleday Canada
1992 Boardwalk Books
Knight, Bryan M. 1992 Chessnut Press
Anderson, Keith. 1992 McClelland & Stewart
Lee-Hoffer, Judith. 1992 Detselig Enterprises
1992 Boardwalk Books
Ashby-Rolls, Trysh. 1991 McGraw-Hill Ryerson
Moynihan, Sheila. 1990 Macmillan Canada
1991 Oxford University Press Canada
Teitel, Jay. 1993 Penguin Books Canada
Marshall, Peter. 1993 Whitecap Books
Biem, H.B. 1993 Centax Books
Wickham, Edcil. 1993 Thompson Educational Publishing