Degrassi Talks: Sexuality


124 pages
Contains Photos
ISBN 1-895681-05-7
DDC 306.7'0835





Edited by Peter Carver
Reviewed by Claude A. Guldner

Claude A. Guldner is Director of the Marriage and Family Therapy Centre
at the University of Guelph.


These two books are part of the Degrassi Talks series, which was
developed by cast members of “Degrassi High.” Together, they are
excellent resources for teens.

Each chapter contains a personal story, such as that of Vicky, who
became pregnant at age 16. Her personal account is followed by several
pages of facts regarding teen pregnancy in Canada. This combination of
the personal and the factual is part of what makes these books

The producers of the series were wise to separate sexuality and sex, an
important distinction often overlooked by publishers. Sexuality has to
do with the essence of who we are as persons, whereas sex has to do with
our functioning as sexual beings. The book on sexuality covers gender
equity, homophobia, roles and relationships, date rape, puberty,
lesbianism, and an interview by cast-member Kim Mistysyn with her
lesbian sister, Stacie. The book on sex covers teen pregnancy; teens
giving their children up for adoption; teen fathers; STDs, HIV, and
AIDS; abortion; practicing safer sex; and obtaining counseling.

The topics in this series are current, vital, and handled in a style
that encourages reflection. Intended for teens, counselors of teens,
parents, and the general public, this important series by the
“Degrassi” producers will be a valuable addition to the teen book
market for some time in the future.


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