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Title Author Year Publisher
1988 1987 Global Press
Adams, Norman 1985 Methuen Publications
Adams, Norman E. 1986 Methuen Publications
Albala, Leila 1987 Alpel Publishing
Aliaga, Barbara 1984 International Self-Counsel Press
Aliago, Barbara 1985 International Self-Counsel Press
Allen, Robert S. 1982 Dundurn Press
Ambrosi, Joey 1984 Douglas & McIntyre
Angelicchio, Domenico 1984 Benvenuto Books
Anglin, Lise 1985 Addiction Research Foundation
Anisef, Paul, and Etta Baichman, with Carl E. James 1984 Hurtig
Appel, Robert 1982 Doubleday Canada
Armstrong, F.H. 1985 Dundurn Press
Arnett, Janet 1987 Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Arnold, Frank B. 1982 Killaly Press
Arthur, George W. 1985 Canadian Plains Research Centre, University of Regina
Aubrey, Irene E. 1985 National Library of Canada
Bailey, George 1983 The Information Company
Bailey, George 1984 The Information Company
Barlee, N.L. 1984 Hancock House
Barrett, Jane R., and Jane Beautmont, comps 1982 Canadian Institute of International Affairs
Basque, Garnet 1982 Sunfire Publications
Baxter, Angus 1985 Macmillan of Canada
Baxter, Angus 1984 Macmillan of Canada
Baxter, Angus 1982 Macmillan of Canada