Start and Run a Profitable Home Typing Business: A Step-by-Step Business Plan


94 pages
ISBN 0-88908-585-4




Reviewed by Ruth Kennedy

Ruth Kennedy was a librarian and fitness instructor in Islington, Ontario.


This step-by-step manual covers all the potential pitfalls for the novice who thinks that a typing business will be a simple and easy way to work at home. Few people know how to price their work, how to name and advertise a new business, how to deal with difficult customers, and how to keep accurate records. In addition, the novice might forget to apportion time for such necessary duties as customer contact, pick-up and delivery, and hiring and dealing with extra help when needed. The capabilities and costs of the various kinds of typewriters and word processors are well covered. Helpful reference books are listed, and there are sample letters, invoices, resume formats, and advertising flyers. Numerous expansion ideas are suggested, as well as methods for coping with a potentially failing business.

One distinct advantage of a home typing business is that it is possible to be in business quickly with only a small investment in money and time.

The author, who has an extensive background in this field, appears to cover every aspect of the subject.


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