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Title Author Year Publisher
Wilson, John 2009 Orca Book Publishers
2008 Univesity of Toronto Press
Davetian, Benet. 2009 University of Toronto Press
Gallagher, Kathleen 2010 University of Toronto Press
Anastakis, Dimitry. 2005 University of Toronto Press
Elliott, Henry. 2009 Crabtree Publishing
Grayson, Robert. 2009 Crabtree Publishing
Anderson, Dale. 2009 Crabtree Publishing
Callery, Sean. 2009 Crabtree Publishing
Lantier, Patricia. 2009 Crabtree Publishing
Kalman, Bobbie, and Niki Walker. 2008 Crabtree Publishing
Zuehlke, Mark. 2006 Knopf Canada
Graves, Donald E. 1999 Robin Brass Studio
Rempel, Roy. 2006 Institute of Intergovernmental Relations
1994 Black Rose Books
Mount, Graeme S., with Andre Laferriere. 2004 Black Rose Books
Merrett, Christopher D. 1996 Black Rose Books
Gayton, Don. 1996 New Society Publishers
Diamond, Beverley, Sam Cronk, and Franziska von Rosen. 1994 Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Verney, Jack. 1994 Carleton University Press
Kalman, Bobbie, and Tammy Everts. 1994 Crabtree Publishing
Kalman, Bobbie, and Tammy Everts. 1994 Crabtree Publishing
Kalman, Bobbie. 1992 Crabtree Publishing
Schimpky, David, and Bobbie Kalman. 1995 Crabtree Publishing
Kalman, Bobbie. 1997 Crabtree Publishing