Landscapes of the Interior: Re-Explorations of Nature and the Human Spirit


176 pages
ISBN 1-55092-285-8
DDC 917.1204'3





Reviewed by Geoff Cragg

Geoff Cragg teaches in the Faculty of General Studies at the University
of Calgary.


Establishing and confirming the connection between the discourse about
the environment—or “nature”—and our personal lives is the
central theme of this book. Looking at landscape as a personal and
social construct, the author revisits a series of places that have been
of significance to his life. The book’s blend of scientific
perspectives and personal narrative is consistent with Gayton’s belief
that landscape represents a synthesis of the human and the natural, and
that we do not so much discover landscape as create it. The author’s
approach to his subject is interdisciplinary and holistic, but his
scientific rigor prevents the book from degenerating into a fuzzy New
Age rhapsody.


Gayton, Don., “Landscapes of the Interior: Re-Explorations of Nature and the Human Spirit,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed July 20, 2024,