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Title Author Year Publisher
Vernon, Caitlyn 2011 Orca
Rogel, Jean-Pierre 2010 Ronsdale Press
Hume, Stephen 2010 Harbour Publishing
Eichhorn, Virginia, Adam Duncan Harris, and Tom Smart 2010 Goose Lane Editions
McAllister, Ian and Nicholas Read 2010 Orca Book Publishers
Lamb, Andy and Phil Edgell 2010 Harbour Publishing
2010 University of Calgary Press
Sandilands, Al 2010 UBC Press
Wilson, Hap 2010 Dundurn Press
Lynch, Wayne 2010 Summerthought Publishing
Burrows, Roger 2010 Goose Lane Editions
Packer, Laurence 2010 HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
Forsberg, Tor 2010 Caitlin Press
Stutchbury, Bridget 2010 HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.
Hart, E.J. (Ted) 2010 University of Alberta Press
Christie, Peter 2010 Annick Press
MacLeod, Elizabeth 2010 Kids Can Press
Loxton, Daniel 2010 Kids Can Press
Serafini, Frank 2010 Kids Can Press
McAllister, Ian and Nicholas Read 2010 Orca Book Publishers
Whyte, Anthony J. 2009 University of Alberta Press
Choyce, Lesley. 2009 Wolsak and Wynn
2009 University of Calgary Press
Vernon, Steve 2009 Nimbus Publishing
Eamer, Claire 2009 Annick Press