Making the Right Move: Housing Options for Seniors


190 pages
Contains Photos, Bibliography
ISBN 1-55180-451-4
DDC 363.5'946'0971





Reviewed by Virginia Gillham

Virginia Gillham is university librarian and archivist at Wilfrid
Laurier University library. She is also a judge of national and
international figure skating competions.


The title of this book does not do justice to the contents. Making the
Right Move is a treatise on managing the aging process that goes well
beyond discussing senior housing options. The author is a Canadian nurse
with a master’s degree in gerontology and extensive experience
administering senior care. With the aid of U.S. legal and health-care
advisers, she has amassed a staggering amount of information relevant to
both the Canadian and U.S. health-care systems. Her book is clearly
organized and replete with real-life anecdotes that illustrate
health-care-related situations and solutions.

In Part 1, Telford discusses aging in a positive fashion, offering
encouraging information about the large number of age-related physical
changes that are, in fact, controllable rather than inevitable. She
demonstrates a profound understanding not only of the physical issues
and the systems and services in place to deal with them, but also of the
psychological and emotional issues. She describes the levels of care and
service available, the criteria involved in assigning levels of need,
and the triage systems used to assess need and identify services.
Throughout she emphasizes the need for seniors to make their own
decisions so long as they are mentally capable.

Part 2 is a practical, reader-friendly guide to choosing the correct
support and housing options that emphasizes “aging in place” and
independence. Using such terms as “client-centred care” and
“elder-friendly environments,” the author discusses accreditation
processes in both Canada and the United States; the qualifications of
staff and the variety of qualified staff required in various levels of
residence; what to look for in facilities and amenities; how to rate the
care; how to be admitted to a nursing home; legal matters and decisions;
and making complaints and dealing with abuse.

The book concludes with a summary table guide to levels of care and a
four-page list of 50 additional resources. Making the Right Move is an
immensely helpful and informative tool for those planning eldercare for
themselves or their loved ones. It should be available in every library,
medical facility, or location frequented by the demographic for whom it
is relevant.


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