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Title Author Year Publisher
Kates, Joanne 1983 Douglas & McIntyre
Fremes, Marvin 1984 Fitzhenry & Whiteside
1984 Wood Lake Books
1984 General Publishing
Frazer, Neil 2010 Harbour Publishing
Haynes, Michael 2010 Goose Lane Editions
Leaden, Bruce W. 1984 Queenston House
Helgason, Gail, and John Dodd 1984 Lone Pine Publishing
Milne, Brian 1986 Collins
Guitard, Nicholas 2010 Goose Lane Editions
Rowed, Scott. 1996 Cirrus Publishing
Billard, Allan. 2007 Nimbus Publishing
Eiselt, Marianne. 2007 Goose Lane Editions
Christie, Jack. 2007 Douglas & McIntyre
2008 Formac Publishing Company
2007 Formac Publishing Company
2007 Formac Publishing Company
Whyte, Murray 2009 John Wiley & Sons Canada
Couture, Pascale. 2007 Ulysses Travel Guides
Guy, Marie-Josée, et al. 2007 Ulysses Travel Guides
Church, Paul. 2007 Nimbus Publishing
Wilson, Hap. 2003 The Boston Mills Press
2002 Ulysses Travel Guides
Edwards, Garry, Dorothea Funk, and Ken Stoker. 2002 Rocky Mountain Books
2002 Ulysses Travel Guides