Vancouver and Victoria. 4th ed.


336 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations, Maps, Index
ISBN 2-89464-517-1
DDC 917.11'33044




Reviewed by Ann Turner

Ann Turner is the financial and budget manager of the University of
British Columbia Library.


Now in its 4th edition, the Ulysses travel guide to Vancouver, B.C.,
also includes chapters on nearby Victoria and Whistler. It is a compact
pocket-sized volume crammed with information to introduce visitors to
the area and help make their stay as comfortable, interesting, and
enjoyable as possible. A general “Practical Information” section
describes how to get there from Europe, Asia, the United States, and
elsewhere in Canada, and how to get around once there. Information on
health and safety, currency and banking, and amenities such as mail,
telecommunications, and even laundromats appears in this section. The
individual guides to the communities include maps and city plans,
walking/cycling tours (10 for Vancouver, five for Victoria) with
commentary highlighting points of interest, and a vast array of outdoor
activities, accommodations, restaurants, entertainment, and shopping
suggestions. Each entry includes a descriptive annotation, address,
phone number, and price-range indicator. A star system rates attractions
on a scale from “interesting” to “not to be missed.”

Visitors and residents alike will enjoy exploring Vancouver and its
neighbours with this guide in hand, but should be sure to call ahead
when making travel and entertainment plans. Several of the attractions
described no longer exist, although they did when this edition of the
guide was published.


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