Canada. 5th ed.


720 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations, Maps, Index
ISBN 2-89464-476-0
DDC 917.104'648




Reviewed by Nora D.S. Robins

Nora D.S. Robins is liaison librarian, University of Calgary Information


How does one adequately prepare the tourist for a country the size and
complexity of Canada? Geographically 13 times the size of France and the
United Kingdom, covering five and a half time zones, bounded on three
sides by oceans, and home to a wide diversity of people, Canada can be
overwhelming. Is there any travel guide up to the challenge? Ulysses
makes an excellent attempt.

The Ulysses travel guides first appeared in 1990, an offshoot of a
successful Montreal bookstore devoted to travel. These guides now cover
all the major countries of the world as well as many large cities.
Canada is one of the best. Aimed at an audience “whose income and
education are above average, and who often travel for leisure or on
business,” this guide provides a wealth of practical information, with
detailed descriptions of attractions and tourist sites, outdoor
activities, cultural offerings, and, of course, accommodations and

For each province there is an overview covering history, flora and
fauna, geography, and the economy. Very large provinces such as Ontario
are divided into regions (e.g., Southern Ontario, Central Ontario,
Toronto, Southwestern Ontario, Northern Ontario) for convenience. There
are more than 80 regional and city maps in both colour and black and
white. Must-see attractions are star-rated, while hotels and restaurants
are rated by price. The writers of Canada have done a fine job. This
guide is large (more than 700 pages), all-encompassing, and very useful.
No tourist, Canadian or otherwise, should attempt to see Canada without


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