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Title Author Year Publisher
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Marr, Ruth. 1990 Fifth House
Moyes, Robert. 1990 Orca Book Publishers
Pryke, Susan. 1990 The Boston Mills Press
Carpenter, Donna Gibbs. 1990 The Boston Mills Press
Bramble, Linda. 1990 The Boston Mills Press
Munnelly, Billy. 2001 Billy's Best Bottles
Feather, Frank. 1994 Warwick Publishing
Linton, Marilyn. 1996 Macmillan Canada
Layne, Marty. 1998 Sea Change Publications
Marie, Jacques, Shari Darling, and Konrad Ejbich. 1997 Gage Educational Publishing
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Turner, Garth. 1996 Key Porter Books
Feather, Frank. 1995 Warwick Publishing