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Lewis, Marc and Isabela Granic 2009 Collins
Kinsella, William P. 1986 Collins
McLaughlin, Peter J., and James E. Loehr 1986 Collins
Milne, Brian 1986 Collins
Sutherland, Tom, and Cindy Bellamy 1986 Collins
Fraser, John 1986 Collins
Gagnon, Maurice 1986 Collins
Saul, John Ralston 1986 Collins
Wright, Eric 1986 Collins
Kinsella, W.P. 1986 Collins
Janes, J. Robert 1985 Collins
Kay, Guy Gavriel 1986 Collins
Wilson, Eric 1986 Collins
Graham, Ron 1986 Collins
Innes, Eva, Robert L. Perry, and Jim Lyon 1986 Collins
Kirck, Harvey, with Wade Rowland 1985 Collins
1984 Collins
1985 Collins
Wright, Eric 1985 Collins
Janes, J. Robert 1984 Collins
Wilson, Eric 1984 Collins
Macpherson, Ken, and John Burgess 1985 Collins
Stewart, Walter 1985 Collins
Ward, G. Kingsley 1985 Collins
Gibson, Morris 1983 Collins