The Unmasking of 'Ksan


120 pages
ISBN 0-00-223116-6






Reviewed by Joan McGrath

Joan McGrath is a Toronto Board of Education library consultant.


It was very wrong of Dawn to borrow a priceless mask from the museum to use in her raven dance. She knew it was irreplaceable, that it was one of the treasures of her own Wolf Clan of the Gitksan (known for short as the ’Ksan); but she wanted so very much to bring it back to life as a part of the tribal dance that she dared the risk — and lost. Now the precious mask is missing, stolen by someone disguised as Bear, another of the dancers. Many people choose to believe that Dawn herself has had something to do with the theft; that she purposely endangered the tribal treasure to aid an accomplice. It is up to Dawn and her grade 9 classmate Graham to prove her innocent, and to restore the precious mask unharmed. This is another of Eric Wilson’s slick, fast-paced Canadian junior adventure-mystery stories, with a colourful B.C. interior setting.


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