Death in the Old Country: An Inspector Charlie Salter Novel


175 pages
ISBN 0-00-222847-5






Reviewed by Gerald J. Stortz

Gerald J. Stortz is an assistant professor of history at St. Jerome’s
College, University of Waterloo.


Toronto writer Eric Wright is the author of two previous mysteries in which Inspector Charlie Salter is the major character. Those who enjoyed them will be equally compelled by Death in the Old Country. As the title implies, the setting for this novel is England, where Salter and his wife Annie are spending their vacation. However, in the course of the work, Wright manages to forge both an Italian and a Toronto connection. The main plot concerns the murder of the landlord of an inn at which the vacationing couple are staying. A humorous subplot deals with Salter’s professional relationship, once he becomes involved with the case, with the English police, who are not always impressed with the Canadian’s tactics. As usual, the scenes are beautifully set, the story well told and the characters full of life. Of particular interest are the three major English policemen: Sergeant Robey, the aristocratic and somewhat arrogant Inspector Hamilton, and a woefully underconfident Churcher.

Certainly the next Charlie Salter novel will be looked forward to with great anticipation.


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