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Zola, Melanie 1984 Nelson Canada
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Wright, Richard 1984 Nelson Canada
Woodward, Lucy Berton 1984 Nelson Canada
Wilson, Eric 1984 Collins
Wilson, Eric 1984 Collins
Wilson, Budge 1984 Scholastic-TAB
Williams, Jerry 1984 Gage Educational Publishing
Waterton, Betty 1984 Groundwood Books
Walsh, Ann 1984 Press Porcepic
Swede, George 1984 Three Trees Press
Stubbs, Judy 1983 Borealis Press
Irene Aubrey, Louise McDiamid, and Lorrie Andersen 1984 Canadian Library Association
Storin, Bette 1983 Borealis Press
Steig, William 1984 Douglas & McIntyre
Spencer, Beverley 1984 Gage Educational Publishing
Sneyd, Lola 1984 Simon & Pierre
Simmie, Lois 1984 Western Producer Prairie Books
Siamon, Sharon 1984 Gage Educational Publishing
Salata, Estelle 1984 Nelson Canada
Roberts, Ken 1984 Douglas & McIntyre