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Title Author Year Publisher
Rotherham, G.A. (Hank) 1985 Hangar Books
Serwylo, Ray 1982 Pulp Press
Leigh, Z. Lewis 1985 CANAV Books
Hayes, Dennis. 1990 Black Rose Books
Hayes, Dennis. 1990 Black Rose Books
Frantz, Donald G. 1991 University of Toronto Press
Bissland, Ted 1986 Dell
Molson, K.M., and H.A. Taylor 1982 Canada's Wings
English, E. Philip 1984 North-South Institute
Spinks, Sarah 1985 Doubleday Canada
Logie, Patricia Richardson. 1991 Detselig Enterprises
Bird, Heather 1986 Key Porter Books
1986 Detselig Enterprises
Cameron, William Bleasdell 1985 Western Producer Prairie Books
Bruce, Harry 1985 Macmillan of Canada
Handy, Jim 1984 Between the Lines
Francq, Henry G. 1986 New Star Books
Kelly, John G. 1985 CCH Canadian
Phillips, Molly. 1990 Orca Book Publishers
Mason, Roy 1984 Douglas & McIntyre
Davies, James B., and Glenn M. MacDonald 1984 University of Toronto Press
Kaufman, Michael 1985 Between the Lines
Lorimer, Rowland and Jean McNulty 1987 McClelland & Stewart
Smillie, Ian. 1991 Broadview Press
Foster, Tony 1986 Methuen Publications