Hitler's Holocaust: A Fact of History


255 pages
Contains Illustrations, Bibliography
ISBN 0-919573-58-4





Reviewed by Ross Willmot

Ross Willmot is Executive Director of the Ontario Association for
Continuing Education.


This is the sort of book which should be in every public and school library in Canada. Those of the post-1945 generation, those students perhaps unaware of the mountains of evidence for the Holocaust of World War II, should be required to read the book. Anyone who even tends to agree with Ernst Zundel and his crew that the Holocaust did not exist and that Hitler was a great prophet should read this book.

The author, a Professor Emeritus at Brandon University who has written many histories and biographies, relies entirely on documented primary and secondary sources. His method is in contrast with that of Zundel and the neo-Nazis, whose definition of truth is force successfully applied. They deny facts and proclaim new realities by fiat. They erase the ten million exterminated in the Holocaust. Their techniques are outrageous lies; misquotations and quotations out of context; false attribution; falsification of statistics; and deliberate suppression of adverse passages in the very writings upon which they rely.




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