Where Will They Live?: A Guide to Help You Help Your Parents with Their Housing Decision


136 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 0-7737-6214-0
DDC 363.5'946




Reviewed by Christine Hughes

Christine Hughes is A/Manager, Developmental Services Branch, Ontario
Ministry of Community, Family and Children’s Services.


Barbara Carter is the principal of a consulting firm specializing in
elder care and seniors’ housing. Drawing on her many years of
professional knowledge in the field and her personal experience with her
own aging parents and extended family, she provides in this short guide
practical advice and resource information to help readers help their
older relatives plan for housing changes. Personal anecdotes and
examples contribute to the book’s overall readability; questions and
checklists interspersed throughout offer readers practical tools.

Since housing decisions are often determined by the level of care
required by the individual, the introductory chapter includes a useful
table that sets out four basic stages of care with suggested housing
options for each. Subsequent chapters look at specific housing options
(e.g., retirement residences, granny flats, sharing, apartment living,
condominiums, co-operative housing) and feature tips for selling the
family home, moving, and working with lawyers and financial planners.
For example, a chapter on long-term care facilities includes a short
history, details typical services available, outlines the assessment and
placement process, and identifies steps to take if you think your parent
is ready for long-term care. Other chapters describe how to use home
care, assistive devices, and improved safety measures to make staying at
home a viable option.

Carter makes a strong case for planning ahead to consider housing
options before a crisis arises. She notes the importance of matching
financial, social, and physical needs with the appropriate housing
environment to ensure a better quality of life for aging individuals.
Her guide will equip any reader with the necessary information and tools
to make informed decisions.


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