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1982 Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women
Stock, Robert 1982 Canadian Plains Research Center, University of Regina
1982 Prentice-Hall Canada
Sears, William 1982 Optimum Publishing
Schaefer, Nicola 1982 Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Ross, Anne 1982 Personal Library
1981 Statistics Canada
Peacock, Donald 1982 Douglas & McIntyre
Minden, Harold A. 1982 McClelland & Stewart
Melnyk, George 1981 NeWest Press
Landsberg, Michele 1982 Macmillan of Canada
Kalman, Bobbie 1982 Crabtree Publishing
Joe, Hollis L.T. 1981 Williams-Wallace
Jacobs, Michael R. 1981 Addiction Research Foundation
Gossage, Richard C., and Melvin J. Gunton 1982 Seal Books
Goldstein, Sol 1982 McGraw-Hill Ryerson
Fletcher, Susan, and Leroy O. Stone 1982 Canadian Government Publishing Centre, Supply and Services Canada
1982 University of British Columbia Press
1982 The Fraser Institute
Deshusses, Jerome 1982 Deneau
Conrad, Margaret 1982 Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women
1982 McClelland & Stewart
1982 Addiction Research Foundation
Bogdan, Robert, and Steven J. Taylor 1982 University of Toronto Press
Angus, Helen Y. 1982 Methuen Publications