An Edible Journey: Exploring the Islands' Fine Food, Farms and Vineyards


290 pages
Contains Photos, Maps, Bibliography
ISBN 1-894898-05-2
DDC 641.3'02'097112





Reviewed by Ann Turner

Ann Turner is the financial and budget manager of the University of
British Columbia Library.


This highly selective and personal gastronomic guide to Vancouver Island
and the Canadian Gulf Islands showcases fresh local produce and
innovative cuisine that features it. A self-described hunter-gatherer of
good food, the author visits 126 establishments, including organic
farms, wineries, coffee houses, and world-class restaurants. She
describes her experiences with the easy informality and chattiness of an
old friend while introducing the proprietors and chefs. Their stories
and credentials make lively reading and whet the appetite to sample
their wares. Forty-three of the locations contributed special recipes to
this guide, covering appetizers, entrées, sweets, beverages, and
condiments. The points of call are arranged by area in a table of
contents that facilitates the planning of the reader’s own edible
journeys, including a “wine route” tour of island vineyards. A
“contacts” list provides names, addresses, phone numbers, websites,
and brief information for each location. With the help of this guide,
residents and visitors alike will find much to enjoy in their
exploration of island cuisine.


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