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Title Author Year Publisher
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2007 Canadian Museum of Civilization
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Levinson, Elizabeth. 2003 TouchWood Editions
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Yorath, Chris. 2005 Harbour Publishing
Ashby, Daryl. 2005 Ronsdale Press
Windh, Jacqueline. 2006 Harbour Publishing
2006 Harbour Publishing
Hulsizer, Elsie. 2005 Harbour Publishing
Leadem, Tim. 2005 Douglas & McIntyre
Kimantas, John. 2005 Whitecap Books
Snowden, Mary Ann. 2004 Rocky Mountain Books
Backlund, Gary, and Paul Grey. 2003 Harbour Publishing
Alderson, Doug. 2004 Rocky Mountain Books
Green, Valerie. 2004 TouchWood Editions
Atleo, E. Richard. 2004 UBC Press
Lane, Patrick. 2004 McClelland & Stewart
Mayse, Susan. 1990 Harbour Publishing
Cameron, Anne. 2002 Harbour Publishing
Belshaw, John Douglas. 2002 McGill-Queen's University Press
Mackie, Richard Somerset. 2000 Sono Nis Press