Island Fly Fisherman: Vancouver Island


120 pages
Contains Photos, Index
ISBN 1-55017-400-2
DDC 799.1'24097112





Edited by Robert H. Jones and Larry E. Stefanyk
Reviewed by A.J. Pell

A.J. Pell is editor of the Canadian Evangelical Review, an instructor of
Liturgy in the Anglican Studies Program at Regent College, Vancouver,
and pastor of the Church of the Resurrection in Hope, B.C.


Too many fly fishers know where, when, and how to fly fish all over the
United States but know little about Canadian destinations, all because
most read only the American publications that dominate the magazine
racks in local tackle shops. But now Island Fisherman Magazine has made
knowledge about Vancouver Island fly fishing easily available to all.
This book tells the reader how to fish all over the island (and in some
of the Gulf Islands as well) for any species that takes a fly.

Chapter 1, “Freshwater Fishing Platforms,” is an indication of the
thorough coverage to come. It covers every sort of craft from the
ubiquitous aluminum cartopper, to canoes, to float tubes, giving
advantages, disadvantages, and lesser-known safety and handling tips for
all. The remaining chapters break down the island’s fly fishing into
target species (e.g., cutthroat trout, coho) and locations (e.g., ocean
beaches, small lakes), and even devotes a whole chapter to leeches, the
prime attractor fly for B.C. fly fishers.

The book has been carefully designed to be a highly informative
package; for example, the index is organized first in major categories
(e.g., insect and aquatic food forms, rivers), and then broken down into
specific references (e.g., traveller sedge, Heber River). No reader will
miss finding any item with this index. Best of all, every chapter,
except for the first, ends with tying instructions for key flies
discussed in the chapter, as well as an excellent illustration of each
fly. This book will be a basic fly-fishing reference work for years to


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