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Title Author Year Publisher
1982 Manitoba School Library Audio Visual Association
Cook, C. Donald, and Glenna E. Stevens 1982 Canadian Library Association
The Youth Directory Collective 1982 Lancelot Press
1982 GB Publishing
Statistics Canada 1982 Canadian Government Publishing Centre, Supply and Services Canada
1982 Department of Fisheries and Oceans
Petrie, Anne 1982 Hancock House
1982 Outcrop The Northern Publishers
McCrea, Mary 1982 Optimum Publishing
Macdonald, Rusty 1980 Western Producer Prairie Books
Leung, Sophia M.R. 1982 Hancock House
1981 GB Publishing
1982 Key Porter Books
Hichens, Walter W. 1982 Lancelot Press
Fremes, Marvin 1982 Deneau
Finlay, Tom 1982 Venture Press
Coo, Bill 1982 Greey de Pencier Books
1981 GB Publishing
Campbell, Betty 1982 Campbell's Publishing
Basque, Garnet 1982 Sunfire Publications
1981 GB Publishing
Wainberg, J.M. 1982 CCH Canadian
1982 Wm Collins & Sons, Co., Canada
1982 Wm Collins & Sons, Co., Canada
1982 Wm Collins & Sons, Co., Canada