Banff National Park


64 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-919029-04-3





Edited by Dorothy Dickson
Photos by George Brybycin
Reviewed by Diana McElroy

Diana McElroy was a computer programmer in Deep River, Ontario.


The seven pages of text in this volume include a brief history of Banff National Park; an overview of its geology and geography; general information about the flora and fauna; and a bit about human settlement and some of the facilities available in the park. A map shows major geographical features and campgrounds. The 48 full-colour photographs illustrate many of the features of the park described in the text.

Despite its brevity, the text is an interesting and effective introduction to Banff National Park, although the addition of a bibliography could have been useful as direction to more detailed information. The photographs depict the expected scenery, wildlife, and park visitors. While none of the images is startlingly original, all are technically competent and attractive. The major visual flaw of the book is a somewhat heavy-handed use of type in both text and titles.

In text and photographs, Banff National Parkexpresses enthusiastic appreciation for wilderness and support for conservation. It serves as a compact, general introduction to the park and would probably provide a pleasant souvenir for any park visitor.


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