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Clifton, Merritt 1982 Samisdat
Cherry, Don, with Stan Fischler 1982 Prentice-Hall Canada
Boychuk, Christine 1982 Steel Rail Publishing
Blizzard, Richard E. 1982 Book Society of Canada
Bannerman, Gary 1982 Collins
Ball, W.L. 1982 Deneau
Sutton, Joanie 1982 Ragweed Press
Spicer, Ruth, and Marion Elliot 1982 Print 'N Press
Smith, Cathy 1982 McGraw-Hill Ryerson
Rubinstein, Helge 1982 General Publishing
1982 Imperial Press
Paré, Jean 1982 Company's Coming Publishing
1982 Department of Fisheries and Oceans
Menghi, Umberto, with John Bishop and Marian Babchuk 1982 Talonbooks
Mendelson, Susan 1982 Douglas & McIntyre
Mason, Ruth 1982 Hounslow Press
Kalman, Bobbie 1982 Crabtree Publishing
Hodgins, Carol 1982 Highway Book Shop
1982 Hurtig
1981 Kylix International
Fremes, Ruth 1982 Methuen Publications
Ferrier, Shannon, and Tamara Shuttleworth 1982 James Lorimer & Co.
Farah, Nadia S. 1982 Deneau
1981 Book Room
Clubb, Angela 1982 Clarke Irwin