Joanie's Country Cookbook


171 pages
Contains Illustrations, Index
ISBN 0-920304-13-3





Reviewed by Marjorie E. Coutts

Marjorie E. Coutts was a writer living in Bowen Island, B.C.


Before settling in the productive Dixon Valley farming area of Prince Edward Island, Joanie Sutton travelled in Spain and lived in both Chicago and Boston. Remembering her upbringing in a Detroit Polish family, Joanie maintained her interest in the basic foods of various regions and ethnic groups, making a collection of the recipes.

The colourful cover and convenient size of the book make it attractive, and the print is clear and easy to read. The plastic spiral spine allows the pages to lie completely flat, which is helpful to the cook. Well-designed line drawings by Nancy Lee Walker contribute to the uncluttered appearance. The table of contents divides the recipes into useful groupings, and the comprehensive index provides easy reference.

The recipes are for vegetarian and fish foods. Surprisingly for a Canadian cookbook, there is no use of poultry (except for the ample quantities of eggs). Joanie gives directions for some simple, old-time country foods, as well as for more expensive dishes using ingredients that a reader should be able to purchase in ethnic specialty groceries. Honey, whole wheat, and unbleached flours are featured prominently. She gives the approximate number of servings per recipe, adding enthusiastic comments to tantalize the reader’s interest. Undoubtedly the foods produced would be healthful, appetizing, and distinctive.


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